Getting Started with the WA


The purpose of the Weatherization Assistant Training is to provide you with web-based training on how to use the Weatherization Assistant energy audit software. We encourage you to click on the Welcome link in the menu on the left to receive a greeting from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory that includes a more detailed discussion of the format and intended use of the web-based training. Instructions on how to navigate through the Weatherization Assistant Training web site are also provided under this Welcome link.

The Weatherization Assistant Training is divided into four levels:

  • Getting Started with the WA, which provides an overview of the Weatherization Assistant (WA) software and describes how to download, install, setup, and configure your software;
  • Site Built (NEAT),which teaches you how to use the National Energy Audit Tool (NEAT);
  • Mobile Home (MHEA), which provides instruction on how to use the Manufactured Home Energy Audit (MHEA); and
  • Advanced Features, which guides you through the use of work orders and other optional features in the Weatherization Assistant.

Use the menu on the left to access these four levels. All four levels contain a number of courses, which are further divided into lessons. Many of the lessons have Learn More videos that provide you with additional information on selected topics.

Both the Site Built (NEAT) and the Mobile Home (MHEA) trainings use an example house as the basis for their lessons. You should click on the REFERENCE DOCUMENTS link provided in the upper right corner of each page to access and print the information available on these example houses, including house plans and elevation drawings, before proceeding with these lessons. To gain the full benefit of these hands-on trainings, you are encouraged to enter the data for these example houses into your own version of the software as you move through the lessons at your own pace.

If you are new to the Weatherization Assistant, we recommend that you start with the Getting Started training and then proceed to either the Site Built (NEAT) or Mobile Home (MHEA) trainings depending on which type of housing you are most interested in auditing. If you are an experienced user, you can use the menu on the left to navigate directly to a specific lesson to learn more about a particular topic or to receive a refresher lesson.

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